Apr. 15th, 2017

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 You see, I take my psych meds in the morning so they make me fall asleep... and it could also be my CFS too. It's 10:48am so I could get away with a cat nap. :-) Today I am not doing much ... just chillaxing as Coll would say. :-)

Coll's gone to get Anna to give her a hair cut for $5. :-) I am trying to grow out my hair. Since it is layered it grows in different lengths? It g, ets into my face.. and that annoys me. Ah well.. c'est la vie de grande ville as my old middle school teacher used to say. :-)

I think we are having french toast for lunch -- or it could be bloody pancakes. If it is pancakes, then Shar usually gives me a cheese sandwich. :-)

Sam out
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 Right now I am grateful for my baby sister and Microplay. Why? Remember how I was bitching about my red 3DS being faulty and not formatting? Right. So, we rang up Microplay and they told us that we can do an exchange!! Oh! I am also thankful for Shar for keeping the receipt. <3

I am so happy right now. 

Sam out
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 Justin making a heart sign. He loves us, his countrymen/women. He is better than Trump by far. He is married with kids but a girl can dream can't she? lmao

I want to get sugarless pudding from Wal-mart. Or Juicy Gels... or both! 

We are having fruit for snack tonight. 

Sam out


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