Apr. 16th, 2017

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 Or just plain lazy. ;-p Here is today's holiday post.

Sam out

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 I have some Sims pix that I did yesterday.
Sims stuff :-) )

Sam out

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I had a whole entry written up and it disappeared!! Grrrr!!!!!! *throws pc on the floor* Nah, I wouldn't do that to my baby sister. She is sharing her computer with her bf Justin, one weekend we have it (or she does) and the next Justin has it. :-) It's nice to see them share it. <3 

I can smell the ham cooking, and yesterday I smelled the turkey cooking. It is driving me insane... I am so looking forward to our holiday meal. We get chocolate bunnies from Dave <3

LOL I want Coll to see this. It is hilarious. XD

Sam out

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 It was very good but very melty... ok, so remember me talking about Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Well back when this and this was around, me and my sister took to writing threatening letters to Tom Nook, and love letters to various male chars. Now I know that sounds very straightjacket and funny at the same time, but that is what we did for fun. lmao

I will take pictures of my meal and post them on FB.

Sam out
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 I had turkey, ham and stuffing, yams, and carrots. All very delicious. We were a big ol' family.. with Shar's brother serving us ladies, and her family too. :-) That is the way it should be. :-D

I am just listening to 3 Craigslist horror stories. I love creepypastas. :-)

We are having a mystery dessert for snack. I think it's some kind of pie.
Sam out
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Normally I don't like overly sweet things but the pie was nice. So, now I am going to go upstairs to do some personal things, and after that?  It's bedtime for me.

My sister went out in the rain... I just hope she doesn't catch a cold. Tomorrow she and I are going for a walk around the block and I'm going to put the pictures on FB.

I am finding myself obsessed with Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360. IDK why though. *shrugs*

I shall leave you with a video. The hair and makeup are abominable but I like her voice.

Sam out


Apr. 16th, 2017 09:16 pm
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 If y'all want to know what a mavka is, just read this post that I posted a few days ago.

I am going to get to bed... I want to just relax.

Sam out


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