Apr. 24th, 2017

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What are your plans for summer? My birthday is coming up in July, and having pizza! And, I am probably going to go to the splash pad behind Main St with Coll. Maybe get some tiger tail icecream from Soupa. :) (if the fates allow) Yeah, and there is the spaghetti dinners some time each month, and Coll and I are going to go for walks around the block, I also intend on making a website and an ask.fm account, where y'all can ask me your burning qs. :) Actually, I'm going to do that now... I think that I can do that from my 3DS. :) I'll give out the url as soon as I can. :)

So my summer is packed. :) Plus if we ever get the cable box fixed, there are baseball games to watch... (baseball players have nice bums) and movies, and all sorts of tv stuff...

Phew! lol

Sam out
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Just got registered for Ask.fm, my 3DS was not really behaving so I have to go to the library to fix up the page. :)

Here is my url: http://ask.fm/lostinantiquity.

My sister needs the 3DS..

Sam out


Apr. 24th, 2017 11:45 am
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As it turns out, Amir has two cords for $30 each! One for Coll's Lenovo and one for my mac! <3 Excellent!

Sam out
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Everything is coming up roses for me, I'm becoming more social, I am getting active, and my computer is getting a cord sometime this/next week, and I am in general am in a good mood. :)

I am just waiting for snack.

Sam out


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