Apr. 25th, 2017

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It was a great episode. Above par acting from everyone. It was sad at the end when it is discovered that Norman died. Also Norma was born in the same year I was! 1974. Surreal and a bit creepy, but, still... I am a huge fan of Freddie Highmore... such a cutie patootie. I aim to buy every season on dvd. :)

I have a residual bit of last night's headache today but it could be the weather or part of my period. I hate being a woman sometimes -- what with Eve's curse, y'know?

Coll and I are going for a walk after break. I will take photos and put them on FB.

Sam out


Apr. 25th, 2017 01:20 pm
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I'm just quietly mobile blogging from bed, not really sleepy and not really awake. Sort of in between. I asked my sister if she could pick up my cord as well as her own on Friday. You see, Coll and her bf Justin share the Lenovo, and I don't share my mac out like that... I mean, my sister can use it but that's it. So, I owe Coll $30... but I will then have my computer back, and maybe the headaches will disappear... bc right now, I'm using my original type 3DS... and the screens are tiny.

Sam out


Apr. 25th, 2017 05:42 pm
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I'm in an exceptionally good mood today, my blood sugars are in a good range, on Friday I am getting a cord for my macbook... and we go bowling then too... which I like... I'm sleeping well... getting out (!) for walks with Colly. :)

Life is good. :D

I am going to change my desktop wallpaper to one of my dear Bosox. :) On Canada Day, my sister is celebrating her father's 70th bday by watching the Jays take on the Red Sox in the Skydome hotel. I told her that the Bosox are going to trash the Jays... bc they are! I have faith in my teams y'know! :D

Sam out


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