May. 4th, 2017

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 Helen is on here now, so I will blog on LJ and this too. Not much is up. I'm drinking my morning coffee; hazelnut. Mm! :-)

I go to the diabetes clinic today and I'm sure that Angelique will like my scores as well as I do. :-) Right now I feel like napping but Jenny the nurse told me no. So, I will listen to her. :-)

What are you doing these days? I am just playing the Sims. I am thinking of making a wp for my sims stories.. what do you think?

Sam out
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 My name is Samantha Josephine Hunter, I live in Canada and I am schizophrenic. I like dark and scary and a bit taboo subjects. I am not your typical girly girl, I am usually considered a guys girl -- not a girlfriend romantically but just one of the guys. I have dark auburn hair and green eyes. I have known my closest bestie for 20 years since meeting Frosh Week 1997 in Seneca College and I consider Colleen my sister. <3 

Um, about my username. A mavka is a Slavic creature that the takes the shape of beautiful women, but in reality they are the spirits of dead women murdered horribly. They like to comb their long hair and wear flowers in the hair. If you look at a mavka's back, you will see her innards as the mavka don't have any backs.

My e-mail is if you want an online pen pal. My username over on Livejournal is dicaprioislove as I am obsessed with Mr. DiCaprio. <3

So.. what is your story morning glory?

Sam out


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