May. 8th, 2017

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 Here is what is going down, online journals wise.

My LJ (click)
My DW (click)
My DJ (click) *

* I don't have any more codes left. It sucks I know. :-p

I update my LJ through my DW. I respond to comments left when they come in my e-mails. I also update my DW by that way too. My DJ I update sporadically but if you have a DJ, add me. 

I had a WP but I gave up on it after I forgot my log in. My brain needs help. LOL

Sam out

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 Just futzing around the web. Played Neopets today, nothing special. I have like a bit over 30k right now. I am trying to find a camo brush for my shoyru. Idk... I am going to get a purple paintbrush and paint my blumaroo. I love the color purple. 

We are having pierogies tonight for dinner. I like them a lot but I just like them boiled and not baked. Baked makes them crunchy and they are not meant to be like that. :-/ Coll just informed me that we are having chicken burgers. 

Justin has to assemble his Pokemon Y team before we battle next week. (Or whenever Coll invites him over.) My team is Charmeleon, Quilladin, Vaporeon and Swirlix. I will need my swirlix for Grant's gym. Oh! And I finished Captain Ilima's trial. When I first saw Ilima, I thought that that was a girl but he is a guy. He looks very feminine. Am I the only one who thinks this too???? His trial just solidified my hatred for yungoos/gumshoo. Stupid pokemon. But thank god they are normal type. Easy to get rid off... even the totem one.

So.. if you are interested, my fc is: 4700-0882-2749. Put your fc either in my LJ comments or this journal's comments, and if you have a Deadjournal and want to add me, comment there.

Sam out
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 Why? Bc Justin and I are battling the next time he comes here. I also need to catch more pokemon, stuff he likes, I will have to ask Coll what pokes he wants from me... I'm wondering if you can breed the black charizard? I could get a ditto and leave the two at the daycare centre. I think I'll do that. :-)

More and more I think about it, panzos once a month for a treat sounds great. Shar doesn't want me having chips but the dieticians said a small bag is ok once in a while... but I'm not sure that I want them now bc I want for me to steer Colly in the right way to losing weight. I want her to lose 50lbs. She is in the 200s and 50lbs look to be a good starting point. I want to be a good role model for my sister bc I <3 her.

Friday after bowling, I see Angelique. I'm giving her a big hug when I see her bc she is wonderful. :-D

Sam out
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Tomorrow is laundry day for Coll and I. (we are roommates as well as besties and sisters) I don't have very much laundry besides my bedding and my clothes. Coll is going to a luncheon at Trinity United church. I can't go bc of medical reasons... so I eat at home... Tuesday lunches are usually something like egg rolls/jamaican beef patties/pogos and salad. I like turning my salad into a Caesar salad by dousing it in caesar dressing. :-D

I am going to put my laptop away on a table in our room until my bedding is done. I'll be on my 3DS for most of the day... but soon, I will have my vita! Read this entry for more deets. I am going to get Doki Doki Universe, Hustle Kings which is a billiards game, maybe Persona Gold or whatever. I also want to buy Pokemon Moon.

Exciting times!!! Plus, the vita's camera is much better than the 3DS's. Oh, if you want to check out my photos, here they be. :-D

Sam out


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