May. 11th, 2017

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 For some reason, it won't let me change the icon, so I abandoned it. So basically, I just have my DW and my LJ. And frankly, that is enough for this girl. 

I am still looking for a good webpage builder. *sighs* I used to be so good at HTML and CSS, but now, no. I know the basics of HTML and a bit of CSS but not as much as I used to. :-( It's not that I'm losing my touch, I am just getting older that's all... my brain doesn't learn as fast as it once did bc I had a bad car accident awhile ago and now I have brain damage. 

Well, lunch is soon. IDK what it is but I heard Lucy set down cutlery so it might be a hot lunch... no sandwiches... tonight is pork chop night here but I am having a chicken burger. I am not too keen on pork chops unless they are bbq-ed. 

I am getting my vita at the end of this month.

Sam out


May. 11th, 2017 03:08 pm
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Tell me what you think? What should I add or take away? I want to add pixels from tumblr and maybe some of my pix from FB or my webcam... Actually one of these days, I should make some vlogs and post them. Here is the URL:

Sam out

<3 Castiel. He is my angel on earth.
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I forget exactly where someone wrote down how to but I finally did it. I am drinking Diet Pepsi, playing Pokemon Sun and talking with my sister about big breasts which is what we both have. I know! TMI.

Speaking of Diet Pepsi, it has a cinnamon aftertaste to it. Dee-lish!

I wanna smack Josh Donaldson's cute bum. Dang it! But(t) it doesn't matter bc the Bosox are going trash the Jays July 1st

Sam is a bit horny right now... sorry y'all.

Sammi is out.


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