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 I am going to play Justin & Coll's lot soon. I want to do an experiment. I am going to make them a nice house and I'm going to use the 'forcetwins' cheat on them. I want to see what happens bc I was playing Bianca Monty's lot and she just suddenly died! She was pregnant too... but not with twins though.

I hope that Dr. Doherty prescribed me meds for my bloody cold. :-( I have had this cold for about 3 days now and I'm hoping it doesn't turn into bronchitis. Lung troubles are so nice aren't they? *smh*

I can't wait to get my vita. I gave my 3DS to my baby sister bc she wanted to use Facebook and stuff while Justin has their pc.

I will post again later. :-)

Sam out
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Two more sleeps til Friday! I miss my mac. I will take pix of it and put them on FB. :) Coll is going to buy me a small bag of chips which according to the dieticians at the diabetes clinic said I could have, and that makes me happy. :) I haven't had chips in ages. :)

We are having Coll's favorite tonight for dinner; beef stroganoff. I like it too. I wonder what is for lunch? I'm starving. I am going to put Microsoft Windows security essentials on Michelle's computer bc I believe that Coll's avaricious ex bf is trying to hack her (Michelle) computer, and FB account, putting bad stuff on her wall. I have reported and blocked him on my FB account. I don't take shit from nobody.

Sam out


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