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And I've got a new lovely! Welcome to my warped world [personal profile] darkoshi ! 

Today I am not doing much... until tonight when my sister and I go to a community spaghetti dinner. Now if y'all know (or even if you didn't) I was raised Italian so I love my pasta. Hopefully my sister will curb me at 2 helpings bc I ain't too sure about spaghetti's glycemic index numbers. It's relatively low says this site... but idk. But I will try to be careful about the cupcakes after dinner. And I will drink water bc they have bottled water. So, I should be fine.

I am going on Neopets now. I want to find out if I can get the Forgotten Shore map pieces. That place gives you a shit ton of NP and sometimes food/items too... so it's all good. :-)

Sam out
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 I am having a cheese sandwich with a sausage bc the others are having waffles with syrup... and being a diabetic, I can't have too many sweet stuff. Tomorrow is the spaghetti dinner at the Newmarket community centre off Main Street. I am going to have lots of pasta and a bit of dessert. :-) Coll is going to have salad and dessert. I am encouraging her to shed some pounds. I want my sister alive not dead. I worry constantly about her.

I am going to play Coll and Justin's lot now. It should be interesting bc I usually start with a lone female. Y'know?

Sam out


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