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 This is a great song sung by a wonderful singer. Wonderful voice.

Have a good day... :-) I have made this very dysfunctional family, the gran is a very malicious person, the daughter and her two kids are pretty much normal but they have to deal with the grandmother.

Sam out.

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 I just made a sim of my bestie/sister and her bf. :-) I have pix including an incredibly sweet photo of them.

Here is Justin. He has red hair and stubble, light blue eyes, a pisces and he is a family sim.

Here is Coll, with her Harry Potter glasses (or John Lennon if that floats your boat), she has black hair, brown eyes, a scorpio and also a family sim.

This is the sweet pic I was talking about. <3

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 I am having a cheese sandwich with a sausage bc the others are having waffles with syrup... and being a diabetic, I can't have too many sweet stuff. Tomorrow is the spaghetti dinner at the Newmarket community centre off Main Street. I am going to have lots of pasta and a bit of dessert. :-) Coll is going to have salad and dessert. I am encouraging her to shed some pounds. I want my sister alive not dead. I worry constantly about her.

I am going to play Coll and Justin's lot now. It should be interesting bc I usually start with a lone female. Y'know?

Sam out


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