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 For some reason, it won't let me change the icon, so I abandoned it. So basically, I just have my DW and my LJ. And frankly, that is enough for this girl. 

I am still looking for a good webpage builder. *sighs* I used to be so good at HTML and CSS, but now, no. I know the basics of HTML and a bit of CSS but not as much as I used to. :-( It's not that I'm losing my touch, I am just getting older that's all... my brain doesn't learn as fast as it once did bc I had a bad car accident awhile ago and now I have brain damage. 

Well, lunch is soon. IDK what it is but I heard Lucy set down cutlery so it might be a hot lunch... no sandwiches... tonight is pork chop night here but I am having a chicken burger. I am not too keen on pork chops unless they are bbq-ed. 

I am getting my vita at the end of this month.

Sam out

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Tomorrow is laundry day for Coll and I. (we are roommates as well as besties and sisters) I don't have very much laundry besides my bedding and my clothes. Coll is going to a luncheon at Trinity United church. I can't go bc of medical reasons... so I eat at home... Tuesday lunches are usually something like egg rolls/jamaican beef patties/pogos and salad. I like turning my salad into a Caesar salad by dousing it in caesar dressing. :-D

I am going to put my laptop away on a table in our room until my bedding is done. I'll be on my 3DS for most of the day... but soon, I will have my vita! Read this entry for more deets. I am going to get Doki Doki Universe, Hustle Kings which is a billiards game, maybe Persona Gold or whatever. I also want to buy Pokemon Moon.

Exciting times!!! Plus, the vita's camera is much better than the 3DS's. Oh, if you want to check out my photos, here they be. :-D

Sam out


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