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2017-04-27 04:44 am
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Good morning! :)

I'm up early today bc I sometimes wake up at odd times, I'm probably going to go back to sleep after this.

How's life for y'all these days. Tomorrow is the big day, no more headaches!

Today, I am just going to relax and be w/ Colly... she and I are going to walk about our neighborhood... we do it 2-3 times a day. I have a pedometer or two hanging about somewheres, in fact I have one on my 3DS... so... :)

Sam out
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2017-04-27 12:52 pm
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Thunderstorms... hopefully...

It's bloody hot out. Our bedroom is like a fucking sauna. :( I'm drinking a shitload of water to keep cool. Coll told me that it's going to be a very hot summer. Tbh I would rather freeze than boil. I like the winter/fall seasons ... spring is ok but summer... nope. :/

Sam out