May. 10th, 2017 12:25 pm
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 Leslie decided to take us mall walking instead of the track... for some reason. idk. Well, today I am not doing bc of my bad knee. Unfortunately walking a lot puts stress on it, so we went around the mall twice. I had an Earl Grey tea with sweetner. It was nice I want a bit more sweetner bc it not very sweet. 

Coll's gone to the library to help her bf pick up a game for his system... I think he has a PS2. I am not sure. I'm still waiting for that guy with the vita. I hope that I put in the right e-mail. If not I will try again. 

I played Neopets but I stopped bc I wanted to blog. I am going to update my DJ sometime soon. I also am going to play the Sims. The PC version and the Mac version are totally different. I am going to start a new neighborhood and make some alien sims and Coll + Justin, myself and other stuff like that.

Sam out

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And I've got a new lovely! Welcome to my warped world [personal profile] darkoshi ! 

Today I am not doing much... until tonight when my sister and I go to a community spaghetti dinner. Now if y'all know (or even if you didn't) I was raised Italian so I love my pasta. Hopefully my sister will curb me at 2 helpings bc I ain't too sure about spaghetti's glycemic index numbers. It's relatively low says this site... but idk. But I will try to be careful about the cupcakes after dinner. And I will drink water bc they have bottled water. So, I should be fine.

I am going on Neopets now. I want to find out if I can get the Forgotten Shore map pieces. That place gives you a shit ton of NP and sometimes food/items too... so it's all good. :-)

Sam out


May. 6th, 2017 02:21 pm
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Apparently, it is my Shoyru's birthday today! I didn't know this. I have screenshots of my Neopets. My Grundo is a Leo. Hmph... Dang it! I remember wayyy back when I got my first neopet in college. It was a red uni. I forgot what the username was... but it was fun and distracting from my school load.
Neopets screenies )

Yepp.. and I will be back on Neopets tomorrow. 

Sam out


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