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 My name is Samantha Josephine Hunter, I live in Canada and I am schizophrenic. I like dark and scary and a bit taboo subjects. I am not your typical girly girl, I am usually considered a guys girl -- not a girlfriend romantically but just one of the guys. I have dark auburn hair and green eyes. I have known my closest bestie for 20 years since meeting Frosh Week 1997 in Seneca College and I consider Colleen my sister. <3 

Um, about my username. A mavka is a Slavic creature that the takes the shape of beautiful women, but in reality they are the spirits of dead women murdered horribly. They like to comb their long hair and wear flowers in the hair. If you look at a mavka's back, you will see her innards as the mavka don't have any backs.

My e-mail is if you want an online pen pal. My username over on Livejournal is dicaprioislove as I am obsessed with Mr. DiCaprio. <3

So.. what is your story morning glory?

Sam out
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I forget exactly where someone wrote down how to but I finally did it. I am drinking Diet Pepsi, playing Pokemon Sun and talking with my sister about big breasts which is what we both have. I know! TMI.

Speaking of Diet Pepsi, it has a cinnamon aftertaste to it. Dee-lish!

I wanna smack Josh Donaldson's cute bum. Dang it! But(t) it doesn't matter bc the Bosox are going trash the Jays July 1st

Sam is a bit horny right now... sorry y'all.

Sammi is out.


May. 11th, 2017 03:08 pm
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Tell me what you think? What should I add or take away? I want to add pixels from tumblr and maybe some of my pix from FB or my webcam... Actually one of these days, I should make some vlogs and post them. Here is the URL:

Sam out

<3 Castiel. He is my angel on earth.
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 For some reason, it won't let me change the icon, so I abandoned it. So basically, I just have my DW and my LJ. And frankly, that is enough for this girl. 

I am still looking for a good webpage builder. *sighs* I used to be so good at HTML and CSS, but now, no. I know the basics of HTML and a bit of CSS but not as much as I used to. :-( It's not that I'm losing my touch, I am just getting older that's all... my brain doesn't learn as fast as it once did bc I had a bad car accident awhile ago and now I have brain damage. 

Well, lunch is soon. IDK what it is but I heard Lucy set down cutlery so it might be a hot lunch... no sandwiches... tonight is pork chop night here but I am having a chicken burger. I am not too keen on pork chops unless they are bbq-ed. 

I am getting my vita at the end of this month.

Sam out


May. 10th, 2017 12:25 pm
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 Leslie decided to take us mall walking instead of the track... for some reason. idk. Well, today I am not doing bc of my bad knee. Unfortunately walking a lot puts stress on it, so we went around the mall twice. I had an Earl Grey tea with sweetner. It was nice I want a bit more sweetner bc it not very sweet. 

Coll's gone to the library to help her bf pick up a game for his system... I think he has a PS2. I am not sure. I'm still waiting for that guy with the vita. I hope that I put in the right e-mail. If not I will try again. 

I played Neopets but I stopped bc I wanted to blog. I am going to update my DJ sometime soon. I also am going to play the Sims. The PC version and the Mac version are totally different. I am going to start a new neighborhood and make some alien sims and Coll + Justin, myself and other stuff like that.

Sam out

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 I am a huge Blockhead. I love Joey (<3) and Donnie. Coll says that the reason the NKOTB broke up is bc Donnie set a hotel on fire. That is pure Donnie for y'all. :-) Always a bad boy... but yes, Joey has been my favorite ever since I laid eyes on him when I was like 13. I had practically all the dolls and several other merch too. Nowadays, they give me fond memories of my Sweet 16 when I saw them in Toronto. <3

Donnie is a dirty bird in this video lol ... although I suppose that is normal for him but hip thrusting in front of screaming, crying girls seems a bit dangerous lol

Leslie should be here soon, so I shall bid y'all goodbye for now.

Sam out

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 Me? I am peachy keen. Do you like my Prince George icon? I hope his dad becomes King. Wills would be a kind and fair rulerl

My grandma bought me an Earl Grey tea. <3 So, I am so excited about getting the vita. $150 is a good price. 

I have been getting a lot of good feedback on my 3DS pictures on FB. I am really coming into my Photography is my passion, and the way I look at the world really makes a difference. I mean I have had my sister's aunt like my pix, and Jackie Playter wife of Roadhouse and Rose's Glenn loves them too.

I need to rest now. I'll be on tomorrow after my walk.

Sam out


May. 9th, 2017 06:06 pm
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 Guess who found a bargain on a PS vita? $150, and the seller is in Newmarket too! It comes with an 8 gig card. I am happier than a pig in shit! Sort of like [personal profile] pigshitpoet or not. Ehh... :-D

Tomorrow Leslie is taking us to the Magna Centre to go on the walking/running track. 

Sam out
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 I went nuts uploading user icons. I decided that since I am more or less on Dreamwidth, and just x-posting to LJ (I will still read my friend feed there) I should get some more icons to express myself.

We are having chicken, pasta and some veg for dinner. Yum! I am going to post in my DJ after this and maybe play the sims after that. I might put them on my DW and x-post them to my LJ.

I have to clean out my computer and do a virus scan.. not that my mac is infected, I want to take precautionary measures.

Sam out
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Tomorrow is laundry day for Coll and I. (we are roommates as well as besties and sisters) I don't have very much laundry besides my bedding and my clothes. Coll is going to a luncheon at Trinity United church. I can't go bc of medical reasons... so I eat at home... Tuesday lunches are usually something like egg rolls/jamaican beef patties/pogos and salad. I like turning my salad into a Caesar salad by dousing it in caesar dressing. :-D

I am going to put my laptop away on a table in our room until my bedding is done. I'll be on my 3DS for most of the day... but soon, I will have my vita! Read this entry for more deets. I am going to get Doki Doki Universe, Hustle Kings which is a billiards game, maybe Persona Gold or whatever. I also want to buy Pokemon Moon.

Exciting times!!! Plus, the vita's camera is much better than the 3DS's. Oh, if you want to check out my photos, here they be. :-D

Sam out
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 Why? Bc Justin and I are battling the next time he comes here. I also need to catch more pokemon, stuff he likes, I will have to ask Coll what pokes he wants from me... I'm wondering if you can breed the black charizard? I could get a ditto and leave the two at the daycare centre. I think I'll do that. :-)

More and more I think about it, panzos once a month for a treat sounds great. Shar doesn't want me having chips but the dieticians said a small bag is ok once in a while... but I'm not sure that I want them now bc I want for me to steer Colly in the right way to losing weight. I want her to lose 50lbs. She is in the 200s and 50lbs look to be a good starting point. I want to be a good role model for my sister bc I <3 her.

Friday after bowling, I see Angelique. I'm giving her a big hug when I see her bc she is wonderful. :-D

Sam out
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 Just futzing around the web. Played Neopets today, nothing special. I have like a bit over 30k right now. I am trying to find a camo brush for my shoyru. Idk... I am going to get a purple paintbrush and paint my blumaroo. I love the color purple. 

We are having pierogies tonight for dinner. I like them a lot but I just like them boiled and not baked. Baked makes them crunchy and they are not meant to be like that. :-/ Coll just informed me that we are having chicken burgers. 

Justin has to assemble his Pokemon Y team before we battle next week. (Or whenever Coll invites him over.) My team is Charmeleon, Quilladin, Vaporeon and Swirlix. I will need my swirlix for Grant's gym. Oh! And I finished Captain Ilima's trial. When I first saw Ilima, I thought that that was a girl but he is a guy. He looks very feminine. Am I the only one who thinks this too???? His trial just solidified my hatred for yungoos/gumshoo. Stupid pokemon. But thank god they are normal type. Easy to get rid off... even the totem one.

So.. if you are interested, my fc is: 4700-0882-2749. Put your fc either in my LJ comments or this journal's comments, and if you have a Deadjournal and want to add me, comment there.

Sam out
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 Here is what is going down, online journals wise.

My LJ (click)
My DW (click)
My DJ (click) *

* I don't have any more codes left. It sucks I know. :-p

I update my LJ through my DW. I respond to comments left when they come in my e-mails. I also update my DW by that way too. My DJ I update sporadically but if you have a DJ, add me. 

I had a WP but I gave up on it after I forgot my log in. My brain needs help. LOL

Sam out

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 I had two helpings of spaghettini (not spaghetti) with meat sauce and cheese. Delizioso! I have a pic of supper...

It had a shit ton of olive oil on the noodles but it was very yummy nonetheless.

My baby sister smiling for my camera. She is my favorite subject. <3

Dessert was cupcakes. The staff Coll said that I wasn't allowed to eat anymore chocolate bc I had a fudgesicle at break.

My sister Coll's favorite pub on Main Street. Coffee $1.50 plus free refills. Pretty nice. :-)

Anyone know what kind of flowers these are?

I made a Mii of myself. Here is the QR code.

Our house, my bedroom is the roundabout besides Coll the staff's car.

Sam out

PS: Much to my glee, we are having hotdogs and chips for lunch tomorrow! *drools*

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 I finally did it! I got all of the map pieces for the forgotten shore. I got major NP. I intend to buy a camo pb for my shoyru. The red is ok but I like the camo.

That's what it will look like. Awesome eh? I just adopted a blumaroo. Haaa... the Neopets thing is getting me again LOL.

Sam out
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And I've got a new lovely! Welcome to my warped world [personal profile] darkoshi ! 

Today I am not doing much... until tonight when my sister and I go to a community spaghetti dinner. Now if y'all know (or even if you didn't) I was raised Italian so I love my pasta. Hopefully my sister will curb me at 2 helpings bc I ain't too sure about spaghetti's glycemic index numbers. It's relatively low says this site... but idk. But I will try to be careful about the cupcakes after dinner. And I will drink water bc they have bottled water. So, I should be fine.

I am going on Neopets now. I want to find out if I can get the Forgotten Shore map pieces. That place gives you a shit ton of NP and sometimes food/items too... so it's all good. :-)

Sam out
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 I am drinking black hazelnut coffee right now. The menu tonight was hot hamburgers, but, Coll the staff surprised us all by ordering a party sized pizza from Pizza Pizza for us!! A welcome change. <3

I wonder how much is in my kitty... sometime, um, I'm getting my GST check which is usually around $67 CAD... and I am also getting my tax return, and that should be enough to get a vita if I don't have enough in my kitty, which I suspect is not much... so... waiting for the big bum tax check ($300 CAD!) I intend to buy a vita, a 64 gig card and some Playstation game cards to get Doki Doki Universe, Hustle Kings and maybe some other stuff like Monopoly... can not wait! :-)

Sam out

PS: I am definitely an old soul. I love Herman's Hermits and the Beatles and Elvis and James Dean. I was born too late. lol
Oldies but definitely goodies!!! )



May. 6th, 2017 02:21 pm
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Apparently, it is my Shoyru's birthday today! I didn't know this. I have screenshots of my Neopets. My Grundo is a Leo. Hmph... Dang it! I remember wayyy back when I got my first neopet in college. It was a red uni. I forgot what the username was... but it was fun and distracting from my school load.
Neopets screenies )

Yepp.. and I will be back on Neopets tomorrow. 

Sam out
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 This is a great song sung by a wonderful singer. Wonderful voice.

Have a good day... :-) I have made this very dysfunctional family, the gran is a very malicious person, the daughter and her two kids are pretty much normal but they have to deal with the grandmother.

Sam out.

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 I just made a sim of my bestie/sister and her bf. :-) I have pix including an incredibly sweet photo of them.

Here is Justin. He has red hair and stubble, light blue eyes, a pisces and he is a family sim.

Here is Coll, with her Harry Potter glasses (or John Lennon if that floats your boat), she has black hair, brown eyes, a scorpio and also a family sim.

This is the sweet pic I was talking about. <3

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 I am having a cheese sandwich with a sausage bc the others are having waffles with syrup... and being a diabetic, I can't have too many sweet stuff. Tomorrow is the spaghetti dinner at the Newmarket community centre off Main Street. I am going to have lots of pasta and a bit of dessert. :-) Coll is going to have salad and dessert. I am encouraging her to shed some pounds. I want my sister alive not dead. I worry constantly about her.

I am going to play Coll and Justin's lot now. It should be interesting bc I usually start with a lone female. Y'know?

Sam out


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