Apr. 24th, 2017 11:45 am
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As it turns out, Amir has two cords for $30 each! One for Coll's Lenovo and one for my mac! <3 Excellent!

Sam out
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 Right now I am grateful for my baby sister and Microplay. Why? Remember how I was bitching about my red 3DS being faulty and not formatting? Right. So, we rang up Microplay and they told us that we can do an exchange!! Oh! I am also thankful for Shar for keeping the receipt. <3

I am so happy right now. 

Sam out
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 I am not sure if Justin will want the computer this weekend... I hope not bc I haven't simmed in ages. I keep putting it off lol to write in here and my LJ. But something tells me that I won't be on LJ for a very long time bc of Russia fiddling with Livejournal's TOS. Thank god that DW is not like that. 

Today is Good Friday which means that Coll (my baby sister) can't have meat. Only fish. Which is fortunate bc that is what we are having for dinner -- fish and chips. :-) Coll isn't really my sister but she could be bc we have known each other for 20 years come late August. It's hard to believe that it's been that long. We both attended Seneca College and where she graduated, I didn't, for 3 good reasons. a) I pulled my back out and had to miss much of the classes, b) I was raising my nephew whom I love to pieces btw, :-) and lastly, I got mentally ill. I have had paranoid schizophrenia for since I was a young teen and it flares up a lot.

I think I will take it easy today. Coll hardly got any sleep last night poor lass. :-( Don't know why though.

Remember -- my lj is (

Sam out


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